LepreCon 2020 Information

LepreCon 2020

LepreCon 2020
April 10-12, 2020 Cancelled
Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts Phoenix - Chandler Golf Resort
Chandler, AZ

Science Fiction Convention with Fantasy programming

Many events have canceled recently due to concerns about COVID-19. Unfortunately, LepreCon has also been put in a position where it must cancel as well. The hotel saw the writing on the wall, and agreed to invoke the "force majeure" clause of the contract which basically covers natural disasters and acts of god. We will be OK financially. There needs to be a falloff in corona cases and a halt to the disruptions before we can do any planning about LepreCon's future. There is a possibility the current convention may be rescheduled later in the year. If this turns out not to be feasible, there is always next year.

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Last updated: April 2, 2021

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