CHS Otaku Fest 2019 Information

CHS Otaku Fest 2019

CHS Otaku Fest 2019
April 6, 2019
Centennial High School
Ellicott City, MD

Anime Convention

This club started 11 years ago with 8 like-minded kids crowded around a laptop in a deserted high school hallway. Today those kids are grad school students and that club is now over 50 people who gather around a projection screen. We could tell you lifetime's worth of stories about how we got here, but what matters is that somehow this small group of friends turned a simple high school club into something more: A place to grow potential (like those in our little army of artists), a place to be with friends, and a place to be ourselves.

Along the way our activities have grown as well. From a little Pocky after school and some Japanese lessons to full scale parties and gaming tournaments. In 2009, we gave birth to our brain child the Centennial High School Otaku Festival and we're hoping to continue this tradition far into the future.

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$12 through March 30, 2019
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