PAWCon 2018 Information

PAWCon 2018

PAWCon 2018
November 2-4, 2018
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Jose
San Jose, CA

Furry Convention

"Come one, come all, for The Game is A'Paw! Nefarious deeds carried out with such great speeds leads us to question whose greeds these deeds feeds? Tarry not on the question for that needn't be your obsession if rooting out mysteries is not your profession. While my assumption may be premature, I take it that you are here to savour the sights and sounds instead of following the spoor? Then lets us cheer to the year under this mysterious veneer, and I welcome you in a manner most sincere." - Tearlach Yeolmes, Private Detective.

Welcome back everyone, and especially welcome to everyone who is interested in our convention! The convention simply wouldn't be the same without you. As you may have guessed, our theme this year is "The Game is A'Paw!" This riff on the phrase judiciously employed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's private detective Sherlock Holmes is central to the artwork and stories that you'll find in our convention booklet this year, so as intrepid private detectives yourselves, it is time to whip out your magnifying glasses and practice your "ah," "indeed," and "elementary!"

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$40 through October 1, 2018

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