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Realms Con

Anime Convention with Comic and TV

October 4-6, 2013
AmericanBank Center

Realms Con takes place over three days and brings together anime, manga, and video game fans to celebrate the joy that each of these interests brings to our lives. Convention attendees are able to watch anime videos, participate in fun interactive games, see live concerts, compete in video game tournaments, and interact with industry guests as well as other convention attendees.

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Hillary Adams (Pianist / Techno Artist)
After Midnight Productions (Performers)
Airship Isabella (Steampunk Costumers)
Yunmao Ayakawa (Cosplay Idol, TenBu Productions)
Sam de la Rosa (Comic Artist)
Marie Doll (Cosplayer)
Quinton Flynn (Voice Actor)
Claire Hamilton (Voice Actress)
Richard Horvitz (Voice Actor)
Ernie Hudson (Actor) cancelled
Jonathan Joss (Voice Actor)
Elektra Knight (Model / Actress / Self Defense Teacher, MacLeod Agency)
Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
Ric Myers (Asian Cinema Expert) cancelled
James O'Barr (Writer / Artist)
Rocieru (Cosplayer)
Salia (Singer, Big Fighter Project)
Rikki Simons (Artist / Voice Actor, Studio Tavicat)
The Steam Engine Intrepid (Steampunk Group)
Chuck Stroschein (Cosplayer / Stunt & Dance Choreographer, Concept Galaxy)
John Swasey (Voice Actor)
J. Michael Tatum (Voice Actor / ADR Director)
Aurelio Voltaire (Artist / Actor / Musician)
Mia Ward (Cosplayer / Singer / Graphic Designer, Concept Galaxy / Blue Grade)

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Realms Con

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