Submit Convention Report

You can use this form to submit your convention or event report and we will list it in our User-Submitted Reports section and on the information page for that convention.

Types of links that are not accepted:

  • Links already in the list for that convention.
  • Links to pages that only link to other reports/photos and have no reports/photos of their own or sites that have collected images from other sites.
  • Links to articles written to promote the event before it started. (No local event calendars, preview articles, planning videos, press releases, etc.)
  • Links to message board, forum, mailing list, or newsgroup posts.
  • Links to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram or links to individual videos on YouTube or similar sites.
  • Direct links to photos (rather than pages containing photos).
  • Direct links to podcast audio or video files. Linking to the podcast's page for that episode is fine.
  • Multiple links for multiple days at one convention. (Just give us your main report URL for the convention, not a separate URL for every day of your report.)
  • Links to pages that have nothing of interest to others. (Nobody cares if all you have are photos of you and your friends partying in your hotel room.)
  • Links to sites that require registration (free or pay) in order to view photos.

Limit of one con report per site per con

If a web site you are submitting has multiple pages reporting on a single convention, please only submit one link. Out of fairness to all sites reporting from conventions, we have a one page per site per convention rule.

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