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Allentown, PA

With very little to do these days...3 adolescents, whom lived on the outskirts of Allentown, decided to form a band. This band is DEPRIVED.

Deprived is an Hard Rock/Alternative/Punk/Grunge band consisting of, Mike Schaffer on guitar and vocals, Chad Marinkovits on bass and back-up vocals, and Donald Petersen on drums and back-up vocals.
Now let's take a step back in time shall we, to see how all of this got started. Originally, the line-up consisted of Matt Schweibinz on guitar and vocals, Mike Schaffer on guitar and vocals, and Rich Schaffer on drums playing under the name, "The Flaming Skulls". They gained a small following from being a cover band, but Mike and Rich wanted more. Therefore, in mid 1999, they parted ways with guitarist Matt Schweibinz, because of musical differences. In early 2000, the remaining members of The Flaming Skulls changed the name to Blister. And in December of 2000, Ian Ryczak was brought aboard as the bassist/back-up vocalist, completing the line-up. In mid 2002, Blister changed their name to Deprived, which is what it will always stay. They played show after show and even recorded the 5 song EP entitled "Thanks For The...PAIN!!" But sadly in October of 2004 after many years together, Ian and Rich decided to part ways with Mike to form a new project under a different genre of music.

After a few painstaking months of Mike trying to put Deprived back together with new members, trying out for different bands, he just couldn't find anything nor anyone. Finally in the new year of 2005, he got in contact with a man by the name of Vince. Shortly thereafter they started jamming together trying to find a new drummer to once again complete the line-up.
After many failed attempts they finally got a hit from a young man by the name of Dan Andree from an ad they put in the Pulse Weekly. After jamming out with Dan on the first night on March 17th, 2005, Dan was asked to join the band. After many shows and a very poorly done 5 track unreleased EP, Vince decided to leave the band due to personal reasons in very early September of '05.
Ian was brought back for a very short time to cover some shows that had already been booked, but sadly left again to regroup with his other project. After just a short 2 or 3 weeks, Ovlo's manager came forth with a possible replacement on bass and back-up vocals. She let them know about a guy named Austin Kitchen (former bassist of Sick Cell). The first night he strapped that bass on, he was in!!

Sadly things didn't go too far with that line-up. After 1 show in 2006 and MUCH tension in the band, they called it quits.Mike took the next 2 years off from music to focus on getting some things straightened out.

In August of 08 Mike got a call about booking a show at the Sterling Hotel in Allentown, PA. Having no band he was eager to try and make something happen. He gave 2 phone calls that day. 1 to the original bassist Ian, and 1 to the original drummer Rick. Both said they were on board to get back together as their other project is on an indefinite hiatus. They were IN!! After a reunion show in Nov 08, Rich went on to have a beautiful baby boy and hung up his drum sticks for good. Ian moved to Scranton, which once again left Mike pondering as to what to do. Mike again took 3 years off of music to focus on other things as well. In '11 he decided once more to get this band off the ground!In late 2011, Mike got a break from using an ad on Craigslist. First came along Chad Marinkovits on Bass and Back-up Vocals. Just a few short weeks later, Charles Kicska answered the ad as our Drummer. Deprived was REBORN!!!

This line-up started playing shows by March of 2012. This line-up was strictly about playing all original material to once again get our name out there. Since pretty much not playing consistently since '05, they had lost a few fans along the way. So it was a huge rebuilding time for their fanbase. This line-up wouldn't last very long, as Charles Kicska left on good terms on May 10, 2013 to join local band Scars of Bourbon as their Bass Player. So Mike and Chad went looking for a new man to take control of the drum kit!!!
Their answer came very quickly. Shortly after Mike posted an ad looking for a new drummer, Donald Petersen (formerly of Creator's End and Black Fate) came to the rescue. Donald showed up to the audition and had down 95% of Deprived's set list. He was a sure fit!!!! Two months later and shows are already being booked. So come on out and support Deprived like you (THE FANS) have always done!!! Without you guys, we are nothing!

Deprived is an original music band. They write their own material, but do a few covers here and there. Deprived has played numerous shows and benefits thus far. The more Deprived seem to play, the bigger their fan base becomes. This sure is one band to be on the look-out for!

To try and paint a picture of what Deprived sounds like, try and picture what they have been told they remind people of...

Deprived sounds like a mixture of Nirvana, Mudhoney, Seether, Flipper, Chevelle, Stone Sour, Soundgarden, and The Velvet Underground, all rolled up into one nice neat little package.

Deprived has played numerous shows and are looking forward to playing thousands more. Again, with every show they play, the bigger their fan base becomes. Deprived has played with numerous bands, including: 20til8, Akley Kid, American Sugar Bitch, Apocryfiend, At Your Own Risk, Below The Heavens, Blind Theory, Bongzilla, Buck 2 Eighty, Cherry Fix, Close Minded, Color of Valor, Copper Penny, Cromwell Incident, Demon Dog Sperm, 8th, Ellempee, Enamored, Far From Over, Fo A Cha, Half Life, Hell Within, Idol Eyez, Infernal Opera, Jaded Son, Jennifer Listen, Just If I'd Rage, Lacerate, L.A.M.e, Monster Magnet, No Remorse For The Fallen, Overlook, Ovlo, Pinkweed, Pool of Thorns, Poppy Cock Babble, The Preps, Project Moham, Pr$ph$t, Red Hill, Rid of Waste, Rooted, The Shakes, Sick Cell, Skalped, Soraia, Sound of Silence, Stasis, Stik Figure, StillFrame, Stimulis, SuperTruck, Terminal Inertia, The Autumn Offering, The Human Abstract, Thunderchief, Top Daeh, Type 14, Vanilla Ice and Von Kull. They hope to, as well as look forward to, playing with plenty more bands in the next few months to the next few years!

Deprived does not intend to stop anytime soon. They are constantly looking at breaking new barriers; both with their song writing and lyrics. Deprived isn't going to stop until they have made a name for themselves. Even then, they hope to keep on pushing forward!

Look out for Deprived....Coming to a town near YOU!

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