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Cloudsofsand is a 10 year cosplay veteran and has attended over 50 anime conventions all over the United States and has done over 50 unique cosplays. She has had features on Epic Cosplay, Cosplay Amiino and an upcoming issue of iCosplay Magazine. She has also hosted and run multiple panels on cosplay and other various subjects at conventions. While still new to seamstress work and cosplay competition, Cloudsofsand has been making her own props from wings to swords to staves and all in between throughout her years of cosplaying.

Cloudsofsand is an artist through and through in both videography and photography. She is also a talented and accomplished AMV artist. Having made AMVs in the hundreds, she have over 1500 subscribers on YouTube and nearly 1 million views. Cloudsofsand has also won several AMV contests up and down the East Coast, and has been a finalist at some of the biggest conventions on the coast including Otakon and Katsucon. She is also a cosplay photographer with shoots at conventions all up the coast.

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