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Yoh Asakura is half of the artist team known as Unlikely Heroes, which began in 2012 in Miami, Florida. A longtime artist and regular to the convention scene, Yoh started with photography and graphic design for cosplay, working under the name Sashin Visual Arts. His partner, Neoanimegirl, began as a fan artist and illustrator, and has even had her work featured on Cartoon Network. Today, as part of Unlikely Heroes, Yoh focuses on cosplaying characters that are seldom seen, in addition to juggling the chaos that is inherent to any sort of cosplay project and keeping up with trends at the same time. The team's skills include - but are not limited to - EVA foam armor, sewing, body paint, and body art.

Yoh Asakura also works with Neoanimegirl to create "Densetsu no Mangaka!," an original manga written and illustrated entirely by the duo. Many of their projects have been approved by various celebrities and fans of the anime convention community.

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