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Rachel is an English Vocaloid cover artist and hobbyist lyricist/translator under the name of rockleetist. As an American singer, she is one of few to hit the top-10 charts on Japan's nico nico douga. She's worked with Vocaloid composers such as kz-livetune, tripshots, and dixie flatline in hand to bring the Vocaloid phenomenon to English-speaking audiences.

She is heavily inspired by independent artists and composers that share the love for open media as much as she does and she is very happy to be collaborating with talented miss Cristina Vee during this upcoming year.

She has been formally trained in both barbershop and jazz vocals as well as performed in varying places including Sarasota, FL and Salem, MA. In 2003, she was awarded the honor of 2nd Place in the State of Maine Jazz Festival for vocalwork. It is her personal belief that music is a skill that requires care and focus; one can't improve without giving any dedication to their craft. Musicianship is very important to her.

She's a current college student majoring in animation; spare time allowing to pursue other interests such as piano or gaming and taking care of her hedgehog 'Hershey'.

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