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DJ 100mado is first producer of original dubstep songs in Japan. He started as a Ragga Jungle/Abstract DJ in 1997 in Kyoto. He's also a member of the noise unit "BusRatch" as turntablist. ("BusRatch" stopper performing after a live show at the Chicago Modern Art Pavilion in 2001) Once attracted to the heavy bass/dubstep sound he started performing as DJ 100mado (Hyakumado) in 1994. He has distributed several free mixes on the web and has seen fair success in Europe. In 2006 he participated in the first Japanese dubstep party "Back To Chill".

He has played shows with The Bug, DJ Distance, Kode9, The Mighty ABA SHANTI-I, Goldie, Shackleton and many other prominent producers and DJs. He puts a great deal of effort into helping the dubstep scene in Japan grow, and bring the genre to prominence in the county. Most recently he started the Back To Chill Blog, and "BTC Radio" online radio station with partnership from Goth-Trad.

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