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Kumiko Kato

Singer / Dancer


A bright, young starlet in the Japanese music world, Kumiko Kato is delighted to meet and perform for anime and J-Pop fans across North America. Kumiko has been around music all her life, with a father who played bass in the hit late 70s pop band "Sentimental City Romance" and a mother who took her to musicals in her hometown of Nagoya. Kumiko also sat down with the piano at an early age. But it was not until she heard Namie Amuro's stirring performance on television that Kumiko, at the age of ten, realized the dream she was destined to follow.

Inspired by Amuro as well as Janet Jackson, Kumiko spent her teenage years building a strong foundation in dance, winning regional awards in everything from jazz to classical ballet to traditional Japanese dance. At the same time, she balanced her lessons with several part-time jobs, hoping she could save enough money to visit America someday. Kumiko achieved her goal when she turned eighteen, and as soon as she arrived in New York, she knew she had found the missing piece of her musical puzzle.

Her debut single from Sounday Records, "Thinking of You" is produced by Laney Stewart (ex. K-Ci & Jo Jo, Toni Tony Tone, Chante Moore.) With this song, she performed in Houston & Dallas TX, Seattle WA, Orlando FL, Chicago, IL, San Jose & Long Beach CA, Marshall MN AND Baltimore MD in 2005.

Kumiko would like to share a message with you. "I sing from my heart, and I dance from my soul," she says, "So I know you will love it!"

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14 confirmed guest appearances

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