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Glenn Dubois

Nerdfit Network
Boston, MA USA

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Glenn Dubois co-founded the Nerdfit Network on the condition he got a jetpack.

As he awaits his new, amazing, flying device, Glenn helped create some of Nerdfit's most recognized panels such as Haters Gonna Hate and The Horrors of Fanfiction. With this he has also hosted over 200 hours of content to conventions across the United States.

Glenn also occasionally writes articles about whatever comes to his mind. Other times he writes chiptune/chipmusic with an Nintendo Entertainment System and a Game Boy under the name Glenntai. When he's not writing, he runs a monthly Chiptune webshow series called Clipstream.

When he isn't around things that bleep and bloop, he has an obvious love for Secret and Legend of Mana, being terrible at League of Legends and is the constant target of Erik's pranks.

When he gets his jetpack, he's going to be the first person to fight a shark in space. Which is awesome. SO WHERE'S MY $@#&-ING JETPACK, ERIK!?



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Animation & Gaming Ohio 2010 - March 12-14 in Cincinnati, OH
   NatsuCon 2010 - July 16-18 in St. Louis, MO
   Animation & Gaming Ohio 2011 - March 18-20 in Cincinnati, OH
   NatsuCon 2011 - August 12-14 in Collinsville, IL
   Another Anime Convention 2011 - October 14-16 in Nashua, NH
   Gobble-Con 2011 - November 18-20 in Stamford, CT cancelled appearance
   Animation & Gaming Ohio 2012 - March 8-11 in Mason, OH
   BAMCon 2012 - May 4-6 in Pittsfield, MA
   Nauticon 2012 - May 18-20 in Provincetown, MA
   ConnectiCon 2012 - July 13-15 in Hartford, CT
   NatsuCon 2012 - August 10-12 in Collinsville, IL
   DerpyCon 2014 - December 5-7 in Morristown, NJ
   Alternicon 2015 - November 21-22 in Boston, MA convention cancelled
   A&G Con 2016 - April 15-17 in Cincinnati, OH
   A&G Con 2017 - March 3-5 in Cincinnati, OH
13 guest appearances

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