Information on ConFurgence 2014


Furry Convention

January 10-14, 2014
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center
Melbourne, VIC Australia

It's true, our days as the con known as MiDFur have come to an end, but ConFurgence promises to carry the torch and heart of the con that has been here and will continue to be here for the furries of the world, while lovingly handing back the mantle "MiDFur" to the community who first brought it to life.

ConFurgence 2014: Egyptian Nights will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. It will be a convention of magnitude and class, showcasing all the best that we as a convention, and you as the furry community, can achieve together. In January 2014 we will have more space for panels, dealing, hanging out and event extravaganzas that we could only DREAM of 5 years ago.

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