February 26, 2008

News for Zakyou-Con 2008:

Zakyou-Con postponed for foreseeable future

by PatrickD, Senior Editor

Zakyou-Con, which used the tagline "Anime is not dead, it lives at Zakyou-Con", will have to put off that living for another year. The 2008 convention has been postponed. It had been scheduled for this May in Richmond, Kentucky.

The notice posted to the Zakyou-Con web site reads as follows:

We are truely sorry, from all the staff here at Zakyou-Con. Due to financial and other issues we will not be able to host the Zakyou-Con convention this year. Perhaps next year - but nothing is finalized. We do hope to try and work things out.

All of the money that we have received from all of our supporters will be graciously sent back to everyone. We hope to mail out the checks to everyone very shortly. Please be patient during this process.

Our Contact Page as well as our board will stay up for now. If you have inquiries you may submit them through the contact page, or simply go onto the board and post them. As I said before - we are truely sorry for this, and we are just as devastated as you are by this news.

If there is anything that we can do for any of you, please be patient.

Thank you,
Zakyou-Con Staff