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WUFF - Kiev, Ukraine
May 4 - 8

AnthrOhio - Columbus, OH
May 5 - 8

Anime Fan Fest - Somerset, NJ
May 6 - 8

AniMinneapolis - Minneapolis, MN
May 6 - 8

Fur-Eh! - Edmonton, AB
May 6 - 8

Monterey Comic Con - Monterey, CA
May 6 - 8

Sabaku Con - Albuquerque, NM
May 6 - 8

Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis - Minneapolis, MN
May 6 - 8

Costume-Con - Middleton, WI
May 6 - 9

Tsurucon - Red Deer, AB
May 7

IberAnime Lx - Lisboa, Portugal
May 7 - 8

Northern Ontario Expo - Timmins, ON
May 7 - 8

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YourMiniCon cancels Maine event
After cancelling ten conventions in the last two months, YourMiniCon has now cancelled their event in Portland, Maine, the only remaining event other than their original Connecticut location.   [read more] [discuss]

YourMiniCon quietly cancels four more conventions
YourMiniCon has removed Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, and Louisiana conventions from its site leaving only Connecticut and Maine.   [read more] [discuss]

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When two conventions fight and disrespect each other in public, nobody wins.   [read more] [discuss]

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