September 27, 2017

Wizard World cancels shows and announces 2018 locations

by Patrick Delahanty, Executive Producer,

Wizard World cancels shows and announces 2018 locations Wizard World has issued a press release to announce the cancelation of five of their remaining seven 2017 conventions. They have also announced their 2018 locations which include the five cancelled cities.

Conventions in Biloxi, Montgomery, Peoria, Springfield, and Winston-Salem have all been cancelled. These five conventions were only recently announced and in smaller venues than Wizard World is normally held. These "postponed" events are planned to be held sometime in October or November 2018. Although Wizard World will refund tickets for the convention, this leaves some fans who were planning to fly in with non-refundable airline tickets.

In total, nine Wizard World conventions were announced and cancelled in 2017. This is more than any previous year. Twelve conventions have taken place this year with two remaining conventions for the rest of 2017.

Wizard World's 2018 schedule includes dates for conventions in New Orleans, St. Louis, Cleveland, Portland, Philadelphia, Des Moines, Columbus, Boise, Chicago, Madison, and Oklahoma City. Of these locations, Boise is the only new city to be added. Additional conventions are planned for Austin, Biloxi, Montgomery, Peoria, Springfield, and Winston-Salem, but dates have yet to be announced. The 2017 cities which Wizard World will not be returning to are Minneapolis, Sacramento, and Nashville.