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Kiefer "ThatMontecore" Hoelscher

Kiefer "ThatMontecore" Hoelscher

YouTube Broadcaster
Pensacola, FL

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Kiefer was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and wound up in Pensacola, FL at 12 years old. Since Kiefer was a young child he has been involved in theater and film accumulating quite the "in front of camera" attitude by the time he was 14. Around this age is when he decided he wanted to do more then just be on camera, he wanted to know how they worked. Kiefer began writing and directing his own videos when he was 13 years old and that is when he discovered his passion for film making.
Kiefer became adept with technology and found his love for it which threw him into college for computer design. He uses his affinity for technology to learn the ins and outs of Lighting, Audio, Video and Photo editing, Videography, Photography and directing. Every day Kiefer works at building his portfolio and strengths as well as overcoming his weaknesses in film. He has worked with many different types of clients from various styles and forte's and is well versed entertainment.
Kiefer now runs his YouTube channel under the handle ThatMontecore and could not be happier. On his channel you will find game play videos, video game discussions and the most popular attraction, Con footage! On the occasional game play and for all the Anime/Comic/sci-fi conventions, Kiefer enlists the help of his friend Dalton Wright. He achieved his first mark as a "Guest" for Fort Waltons Beach FANdom Con. For conventions ThatMontecore captures what they call "The Spirit of the Con". They travel to conventions and get together with the masses to show con is made of!
Besides that, Kiefer works on comedy skits, and other videos. His inspirations consist of Directors Christopher Nolan and Peter Jackson; and YouTubers Tobuscus and MKBHD. Kiefer Hopes to one day have ThatMontecore take off and achieve a following to help bring ThatMontecore as a guest to conventions around the country!

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