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Emerald City Comicon [visit site]

Comic Convention

March 1-4, 2018
Washington State Convention Center

Organized by ReedPOP

Emerald City Comic Con is the destination comic and pop culture show for the Pacific Northwest. ECCC delivers the best that the comics and pop culture industry has to offer directly from the creators, bringing super fans exactly what they crave: interaction with quality content and guests and an inclusive space to celebrate their fandom.

Ani-Mia (Cosplayer)
Laura Bailey (Voice Actress)
Brian Michael Bendis (Comic Writer)
Christine Bian (Design Supervisor, DreamWorks Animation)
Jim Butcher (Author)
Zach Callison (Actor)
J. Scott Campbell (Comic Book Artist)
Chris Claremont (Writer)
Brian Clevinger (Web Comic Artist, 8-Bit Theater)
Katie Cook (Artist / Writer)
Jonathan Coulton (Singer / Songwriter)
Felicia Day (Actress)
Lar DeSouza (Web Comic Artist, Least I Could Do)
Ivy Doomkitty (Cosplayer)
Joaquim Dos Santos (Director / Producer, DreamWorks Animation)
Summer Glau (Actress)
Chad Hardin (Artist)
David Hayter (Voice Actor / Writer)
Greg Horn (Artist)
Christopher Jones (Artist)
Walter E. Jones (Actor) cancelled
Nalini Krishan (Actress)
Phil LaMarr (Actor)
Ken Lashley (Illustrator)
Jae Lee (Comic Artist)
Matthew Lewis (Actor)
Molly Lewis (Musician)
Christopher Lloyd (Actor)
Comfort Love (Author)
Sean Maher (Actor)
Jim Mahfood (Comic Artist)
Ryan North (Creator, Dinosaur Comics)
Yuko "Aido" Ota (Web Comic Artist, Fallen / Johnny Wander)
Dan Parent (Comic Artist)
Khary Payton (Actor)
Richard Pini (Editor / Writer, ElfQuest)
Wendy Pini (Artist / Writer, ElfQuest)
Billie Piper (Actress)
Andy Price (Illustrator / Cartoonist)
Sara Richard (Artist)
Patrick Rothfuss (Author)
Stan Sakai (Artist / Creator)
Tim Sale (Comic Artist)
R.A. Salvatore (Author)
Jeremy Shada (Actor)
Mark Sheppard (Actor)
Ryan Sohmer (Web Comic Writer, Least I Could Do)
Ben Templesmith (Comic Creator)
David Tennant (Actor)
Karl Urban (Actor)
Wil Wheaton (Writer / Actor)
Travis Willingham (Voice Actor)
Tom Wilson (Actor)
Adam Withers (Author)
David Yost (Actor)
55 guests listed

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Emerald City Comicon

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