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Anime Convention

August 25-27, 2017
Santa Clara Convention Center

Organized by LeftField Media

Crunchyroll, the largest anime streaming company in the world, is launching a convention! Crunchyroll Expo (CRX) will be a showcase of the best of what Japanese animation and pop culture has to offer, and it also will bring new unique elements, events, and experiences. Crunchyroll Expo will bring anime fans together for three days of exhibits, screenings, panels, and guest appearances by some of the biggest personalities in Japan and the US. Join us for this celebration of anime, manga, games, guests, cosplay, and so much more!

16,000 warm bodies (estimated)
35,000 turnstile attendance count (estimated)

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Yoshitaka Amano (Artist / Graphic Designer / Mangaka)
Ray Chase (Voice Actor)
Caitlin Glass (Voice Actress / ADR Director)
Roland Kelts (Author)
Mega64 (Filmmakers)
Max Mittelman (Voice Actor)
Octopimp (YouTube Personality)
Chris Parson (Voice Actor)
Monica Rial (Voice Actress)
Adam Savage (TV Host, Mythbusters)
Hiroshi Shimizu (Animator / Director)

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Crunchyroll Expo

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