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Gaming Convention

February 11, 2017
Will County Fair Atrium

Lodge Con is a game and consumer experience dedicated to gaming culture and community. Lodge Con is an annual consumer fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, and hobby game convention in Peotone, Illinois. In February gaming enthusiasts will converge to share their love for all things gaming, from tournaments, guest appearances, vendor market, workshops, to seminars, and other activities.

Lodge Con is providing a place for tabletop gaming admirers to come together to express their passion in a lively, cozy environment. Grab your hot coco or favorite beverage and get ready for a fun one-day event of gaming and camaraderie playing RPG's, card games and miniature battles.

Independently managed, Lodge Con provides a relaxed, welcoming, family friendly gaming environment with a variety of gaming from novice beginner to full-on gamer enthusiasts. With food on premises, now you have no worries about stepping out or distractions from your gaming passion. Dining, refreshments and grab and go items are all at your dice rolling finger tips.

Attendees have FREE access to our Vendors Market, where you will find gaming related merchandise for all levels of your gaming involvement.

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