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Gaming Convention

February 20-26, 2017
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Charlottesville

Since 1994, PrezCon has grown into the big event it now is, drawing attendees from all over the globe. We will be running 90+ Tournaments with many demos too! The events this year include some of your old favorites and many new tournaments.
Our board game tournaments are scheduled using a Track system, which makes it easy to put together a schedule of your favorite games by minimizing overlapping tournaments and gaps for all tournaments in the same track. Our tracks this year are Tactics, Strategy, Wargames, Classic Wargames, Block Games, Revcon, Parlor, Horsepower and Euro.

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PrezCon: The Winter Nationals

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PrezCon: The Winter Nationals 2016  February 22-28, 2016
2017  February 20-26, 2017
2018  February 19-25, 2018

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