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Video Gaming Convention with Gaming

January 13-16, 2011
Hilton Alexandria Mark Center

MAGFest is a video and computer gaming festival run by fans, for fans. It's similar to an anime or scifi convention, but aims to be more of a laid-back video game party. Nearly everything is open 24-hours. The show floors aren't crowded but still filled with lots of fan art, film and music. Our special guests fit right in and socialize with everyone. Game movies and cartoons are shown all weekend. In addition to our 10,000 square foot game room, lots of attendees set up games in their rooms and invite others inside.

Perhaps most importantly, MAGFest has a huge focus on game music -- multiple concerts' worth -- filled with video game music tributes, some even with the original composers! On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, multiple bands will perform on our main stage, and our JamSpace room is open 24 hours for collaborative music and special treats alike.

Armcannon (Musicians)
Brentalfloss (Musician)
Dj Cutman (Disc Jockey)
Entertainment System (Band)
The OneUps (Band)
Powerglove (Band)
The Protomen (Band)
Rare Candy (Band)
This Place is Haunted (Band)
The X-Hunters (Band)
Year 200X (Band)

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