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Kin-Yoobi Con

Anime Convention

August 2, 2015
Newark Pavilion

Kin-Yoobi is Japanese for Friday. That was the day we first hosted our convention, back in 2007. Back then it was a single day convention. We keep the name to remind ourselves of our roots. To keep that small con mentality no matter how many years we run.

We're back after a year hiatus and at a new venue. This year we've returned to a one day convention. Despite the changes, we're still the same. Our events focus on educating attendees about the fandom they love while still having fun. Our con chairs directly connect with our attendees as MCs and game hosts. And our vision will always be having the best fun by celebrating our passion for games and anime as an amazing art form.

Advance Rates:
$12 through Jul 26, 2015

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Kin-Yoobi Con

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