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Furry Convention

January 8-11, 2015
Arrow on Swanston
Carlton, VIC Australia

You have come from a far away place, to seek that which may only be found in my lair. Your time shall be rewarded, and your rewards shall be plenty.

As the moon becomes full, and the great bright star reaches the 8th Day of the First Month in the 2015th cycle, you will be granted access to my lair. You may search my horde, and take from it what you will. My generosity is limited however, so be in haste to accept my invitation. Once my limits have been reached, no further shall a mortal being enter lest I devour him in my hot breath and pick my teeth with his bones.

You have been warned.

I am the oldest and wisest of the dragon kind, my name will be remembered for all time. To know my name is to know wisdom itself! Wisdoms rewards are great and plenty. Head here to gain more wisdom about my lair, and your experiences therein, and be the one whose reward is beyond any mortal measure!

My empire rises as those around me crumble. I will prevail. I will desolate. I will devour!

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