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Convention with Television

June 19-21, 2015 Cancelled
Indianapolis Convention Center

Formerly "DashCon".

We here at Emoti-Con are gearing up and getting ready for a fabulous summer event, and you should be too. Why? Because, if you like the internet, then you're going to love us...

Tumblr? Reddit? YouTube? Facebook? 4Chan? Us too.

Geeks? Gamers? Fashionistas? Activists? All of the above? Welcome home!

Emoti-Con aims to be the most comprehensive, internet-themed convention in the US. We love the internet, and we're making strides to embrace as much of it and as many of you as possible. After all, what is the internet without its users? And what is a convention without its attendees? Answer: Nothing.

Emoti-Con Indy is sad to announce that we are cancelling our 2015 event. Due to many concers- personal, financial, and safety -the June 2015 event will not be taking place. At this time, we have no plans or intentions of rescheduling. Refunds have been issued to those who bought tickets. Thank you all for your support.


Previous/Future Events:
DashCon 2014  July 11-13, 2014
Emoti-Con 2015 (Cancelled)  June 19-21, 2015

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