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Furry Convention

May 23-25, 2014
Sheraton Hotel Portland Airport

First and foremost, Furlandia is made possible by those people who dedicate their time and attention to making it function. Long term planning is seen to by the oversight organization; Rainfurrest Anthropomorphics International. The RAIn Board of Directors is, as you might have surmised, is also responsible for the long term planning of Rainfurrest, our sister convention.

Furlandia sprung in to existence in Portland in 2013. It was initially headed by a small group that grew over time. Against all odds (some odds?); it was planned, assembled, and launched within about a 4 month time period. It enjoyed a resounding success as first year conventions go, and year two took root. Furlandia enjoyed the encouragement and guidance of RAIn as our neighbor to the north, and eventually joined under their corporate umbrella with the goal to provide quality events, education, and entertainment, as well as to support local charities.

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