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Furry Fiesta

Furry Convention

February 21-23, 2014
InterContinental Dallas

Big City is a place of prosperity, wonders, innovation - and way too many science experiments gone wrong! Every day brings new challenges for villains preying upon innocent people and the heroes sworn to protect. However, sometimes even the best (and worst) of us need a respite from the 9-to-5 'Heroes and Arch-Nemesising' lifestyle. Unfortunately, this was only hotel they could book in time, so a temporary truce has been called for heroes and villains alike (and the sanity of our wonderful hotel staff!)

Heroes, villains, and civillians, please join us for a madcap weekend of fun, food, and fiends with our Guests of Honor, famed artist duo Blotch and multi-talented Entertainer Big Blue Fox, creators of more media than the Justice League has members!

1,884 warm bodies

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Furry Fiesta

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