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Anime Convention

September 8-11, 2011
De Montfort University

Organized by Animeleague

We are a fun and friendly 800-person anime convention taking place over an epic four days for 2011! With a dealers room, anime screenings, anime bar and night-club, artist ally, roleplaying, card-gaming, video-gaming, a cosplay cafe, DDRing, J-Culture, Cosplay Hangout, events, panels and much more, there is something for everyone, with more special events than you can shake a stick at!

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Tia Ballard (Voice Actress)
Caitlin Glass (Voice Actress / ADR Director)
Edd Gould (Cartoon Creator, EddsWorld)
Matt Hargreaves (Cartoon Creator, EddsWorld)
KellyJane (Cosplayer)
Tab Kimpton (Costume Maker / Comic Writer, Khaos Kostumes)
Ziggy Newman (Musician)
Thomas Ridgewell (Cartoon Creator, EddsWorld)
Lawrence Simpson (Voice Actor / Video Editor, TeamFourStar)
Akemi Solloway (Lecturer)
TealPirate (Cosplayer)
Twinfools (Cosplayer, Fighting Dreamers Productions)
Nova VandorWolf (Cosplayer, Fighting Dreamers Productions)

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