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Costume Convention

March 2-9, 2019
Norwegian Bliss

The Senpai Cosplay Cruise is the product of two veteran industry insiders - Rosie Van Schoor and Christie Bianco. Rosie has been a pro-level cosplayer for 15 years, and Christie has been a highly sought-after travel industry insider for more than a decade. These two ladies combined their professional excellence, geeky enthusiasm, and love of travel to create a totally new experience - the custom-tailored cosplay cruise.

Part Cosplay Adventure & Part Vacation Excursion - The not-for-profit cosplay cruise offers all of the fun of a traditional cruise, with all of the creative energy of cosplay, without the drama and noise of the convention crowd.

Senpai Cosplay Cruise has created a unique space just for cosplayers, designed to encourage the art form, foster the creative community, and nurture the adventurous spirit. This year, we're starting with a small but supportive group of 30 to 80 cosplayers and volunteers as we "test the waters".... but who knows? Someday, we may charter the entire vessel!

Senpai Cosplay Cruise welcomes you on our high seas adventure. Who knows what lies beyond the ocean's horizon? Let's discover it together!

Senpai Cosplay Cruise

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