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Comic Convention

May 19-20, 2018
Minnesota State Fairgrounds Grandstand

1988. Microsoft releases Windows 2.1. Bruce Wills becomes an action hero with the release of Die Hard. Bobby McFerrin tells everyone, "Don't Worry, Be Happy." And in the Twin Cities, a group of comic book fans decide to have a comic book convention.

It was a relatively small, local show. There weren't a lot of frills or 'extras.' Just comic dealers, comic creators, and comic fans. A stripped-down, old-school, four-on-the-floor, dual-overhead cam comic convention. And just like a quarter-mile run in a classic muscle car, it was fast, exciting, and a lot of FUN.

Enough fun that they decided to not just do it again, but to add a second show! And, contrary to every other major comic convention in the country, we still maintain two conventions every year.

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Christopher Jones (Artist)
Angel Medina (Comic Artist)
Tom Nguyen (Comic Artist)
Andy Price (Illustrator / Cartoonist)
Amy Reeder (Artist)

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