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Fantasy Convention

October 27-30, 2016
Hyatt Regency Columbus

The 2016 World Fantasy Convention is a production of The Science Oriented Literature, Art & Education Foundation (SOLAE). The Science Oriented Literature, Art & Education Foundation (SOLAE) is based in Columbus, Ohio. The purpose of the Foundation is to hold, sponsor, and/or participate in current and future events which advance science-oriented literature, arts, and education. Such events shall be held in a manner which does not discriminate with regard to race, religious belief, age, abilities, sexual orientation, or national origin. SOLAE is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote the study of science, through the reading and writing of books, and through promoting appreciation of the arts, and aiding educational efforts in this area. This is done by the raising of funds for scholarship awards and collecting of books or funds for schools and other nonprofit institutions. This goal is primarily reached by presenting events through the year that provide experiences that promote such learning, appreciation, and education.

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World Fantasy Convention

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