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Anime Convention

March 22-25, 2018
Tokyo Big Sight
Tokyo, Japan

AnimeJapan, first held 2014, commemorates its 5th anniversary at the upcoming event in March 2018.

"Here Is Everything about Anime"

Succeeding in this unchanging mission ever since the first event, we believe that now is the chance for us to take an even bigger step. This year, 2017, marks 100th anniversary of the birth of anime in Japan. This means that 2018 marks the 101th year, a brand new step for anime.

"Those who create anime"
"Those who spread it"
"Those who enjoy it"
And "Those who seek to create and spread it one day"

It is the connection of "everyone" who are involved in the world of anime that drives the 100th anniversary as well as the future to even greater lengths.
In order to reach out to our audiences with the power we are given from them, us creators will commit ourselves to more than ever before.

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