August 22, 2008

News for Otakon 2008:

Otakon seeking information on fraudulent memberships

Otakon, which was held two weeks ago in Baltimore, Maryland, reports that a former member of Otakon staff, Geoff Beebe, had been inappropriately selling discounted memberships. They are seeking out anyone with information relevant to their investigation.

The statement posted on Otakon's web site is as follows:

AUGUST 22, 2008

BY: Otakorp, Inc. Board of Directors

Regarding Fraudulent Otakon Memberships

It has come to the attention of the Otakorp, Inc. Board of Directors that Mr. Geoff Beebe, a former Otakon Staffer, had been selling memberships outside of appropriate channels and at a discounted rate. He claimed to the buyers that he had special permission from the Board of Directors to do so, but no such permission was ever asked for or granted and was never a practice for the granting of memberships. As the situation unfolded it became clear that this was an act of theft and that Geoff's intentions were to defraud the Corporation and its Members.

At this time the Board of Directors has taken what it considers to be appropriate measures with respect to the situation. However, we wish to investigate the full extent of Geoff's actions. If you have any questions regarding this incident or have information relevant to our ongoing investigation, please contact the Board of Directors through either this webform or through the Otakon contacts page using Contact Otakorp, Inc.

We appreciate our members' and staff's full cooperation with this difficult and sensitive issue.

The Otakorp, Inc. Board of Directors