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Stephen K. Chenault

Stephen K. Chenault

Troll Lord Games
Orlando, FL

Stephen K. Chenault is the managing partner of Troll Lord Games. This company was founded in the latter part of 1999. Publications to his credit are The Mortality of Green , The Lion in the Ropes, The Malady of Kings, The Codex of Erde and The Heart of Glass. Following these will be The Blood Runes Saga featuring Winter Runes and Blood Runes to be released in September and October this year followed by Vulcan's Cauldron in December.

Stephen lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with Kathryn, his wife of five years, and his two children, Rachel, age three, and Haydn age 1. He holds a Bachelors degree in history, as well as a Masters degree in History with an emphasis on Austrian architecture both from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

With much of his life spent within the realm of fantasy studying the likes of Howard, Burroughs, Moorcock, Lieber, Tolkien etc..., Stephen set out to form the company Troll Lord Games with his brother Davis Chenault and Mac Golden. It has been his pleasure to put his efforts into the creation of products for the continuing enjoyment of others, as well as himself, in the fantasy realm.

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