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Zander Brandt

Prop Builder
San Jose, CA USA

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Zprops got its roots around 2000' when I started making scratch built wargaming vehicles out of exhausted legal pads. After a few years of practice, I upgraded to 1/8th" MDF, hot glue, and more cardboard. This process lasted until about 2008 when I made my first completed prop, the sentry gun from Team Fortress 2 out of MDF, styrene, various plastics, and stronger glues. These materials became the norm thereafter and haven't changed much since.

In 2011, I went full time after graduating college and have been maintaining and increasing a very high standard of product quality. This doesn't mean I don't like to have fun however, and have been dabbling more into the convention and costuming realm. I also try and keep many personal projects alive when I'm done taking care of responsibilities!

I am primarily inspired by video games like Destiny, Mass Effect, StarCraft II and Team Fortress 2, sci-fi movies, and a few mecha-based anime's such as Macross and Gundam. Sci-fi tanks and spaceships are my favorite to build, but apparently after my first two commissions, I discovered I have a knack for the proportions and functions of guns, above all else.

I'll be branching out with new techniques and subject matter over the years, so be sure to follow along and let me know how I'm doing!



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Hydra Comic Con 2017 - June 17-18 in Santa Clara, CA

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