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Billy Boyd was born in 1968 in Glasgow, Scotland, to Mary and William Boyd. The talented young boy, inspired by Star Wars to try acting, got his first taste of it in his school's production of Oliver Twist when he was 10. Boyd's parents were extremely supportive, driving over two hours to get him to the performances, but sadly they passed away when he was 12. He was thereafter raised by his grandmother. He realized that he enjoyed acting very much and told his school counselor that was what he wanted to be, but the counselor discouraged this choice and told him to "keep it secret". When he was 17 he left school and went to work in a book-binding workshop. He worked there 4 years as an apprentice and 2 years as a workman. Ironically, during the years he worked at the book-binders, the Lord of the Rings trilogy was printed and bound there, many copies bound by his hands. After the 6 years as a book-binder, he was thoroughly sick of it. Billy planned on going to America for a year, but before he went he called the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and asked about applying for when he got back. But it so happened that they still had space for this year and they asked him if he wanted to apply and he did. He was at the drama school in a 3-year course for his bachelor of arts degree, meanwhile studying everything from Shakespeare to puppet-making. During this time Billy had a few small roles in TV series such as "Down Amongst The Boys" and "Taggart". After graduating he performed in many plays like 'The Slab Boys', 'The Diary of Adrian Mole' etc. at The St. Andrews theatre which were his first paying roles. He then received a call from his agent about the Lord of the Rings movies and if he would like to audition for them. He went along not expecting much, but within a few months Peter Jackson came out to Scotland to meet him and to audition him personally. While rehearsing for a show he received a call from his agent who said that the part of Pippin had been offered to him - if he wanted it. The rest is history.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   London Film & Comic Con 2004 - March 6-7 in London, UK
   Ottawa Comiccon 2015 - May 8-10 in Ottawa, ON
   Wales Comic Con 2016 - April 23-24 in Wrexham, UK
   Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 - September 1-3 in Salt Lake City, UT
   Rose City Comic Con 2016 - September 10-11 in Portland, OR
   Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 - April 21-23 in San Jose, CA
   Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2017 - August 24-27 in Rosemont, IL
   Comic Con Amsterdam 2017 - September 2-3 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
   Forest City Comicon 2017 - September 23 in London, ON
   Comiccon de Québec 2017 - October 14-15 in Québec, QC
   Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis 2018 - February 2-4 in St. Louis, MO
   Wizard World Comic Con Portland 2018 - April 13-15 in Portland, OR
   Ottawa Comiccon 2018 - May 11-13 in Ottawa, ON cancelled appearance
   Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia 2018 - May 17-20 in Philadelphia, PA
   Wizard World Comic Con Columbus 2018 - June 8-10 in Columbus, OH
   Colorado Springs Comic Con 2018 - August 24-26 in Colorado Springs, CO
   Rhode Island Comic Con 2018 - November 2-4 in Providence, RI
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