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Lucky is a self described "knucklehead from Detroit" that happens to be lucky enough to be on cool TV shows that people like. You'll know Lucky as Dr. Krieger from the wildly hilarious and smart grownup comedy FX cartoon Archer (he's also the model for Ray Gillette), as well as Xtacle on Frisky Dingo.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Daisho Con 2013 - November 22-24 in Wisconsin Dells, WI
   New York Comic Con 2014 - October 9-12 in New York, NY
   PortConMaine 2015 - June 25-28 in South Portland, ME
   Planet Comicon Kansas City 2018 - February 16-18 in Kansas City, MO
   Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 - April 6-8 in San Jose, CA

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    Lucky Yates

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