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Jason "Liquid86" Bruner

Disc Jockey
Minneapolis, MN USA

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Liquid touched his first turntable (for the record, a Technics SL1200MK2) in his Sophomore year of high school WAY back in 1999 and quickly developed a taste for Trance and House. Liquid witnessed what many regard as the "death" of the original rave movement back in 2001 and upon attending college in the fall of 2002, all but gave up DJing. Though he departed from spinning events, his love of Electronic music in all forms never faded.

In 2007, Liquid attended his first Anime convention: NoBrandCon in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He attended their dance and for the first time in years saw that the rave and electronic movement had been reborn here. Over the next 4 years Liquid threw himself headlong back into DJing, turning it from a simple hobby, into a a full fledged business, spinning several geek events and shows all over the Midwest. Liquid is proud and honored to have worked with some of the most talented individuals in the Convention and Rave worlds to bring shows and dances to fans that they will never forget.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Daisho Con 2008 - November 21-23 in Stevens Point, WI
   Daisho Con 2009 - November 20-22 in Stevens Point, WI
   Daisho Con 2010 - November 19-21 in Stevens Point, WI
   Daisho Con 2011 - November 18-20 in Wisconsin Dells, WI
   No Brand Con 2012 - May 4-6 in Eau Claire, WI
   Daisho Con 2012 - November 16-18 in Wisconsin Dells, WI
   Anime Apocalypse 2012 - December 21-23 in Rockford, IL
   Geek.Kon 2013 - August 23-25 in Madison, WI
   No Brand Con 2014 - April 25-27 in Eau Claire, WI
   No Brand Con 2015 - April 24-26 in Eau Claire, WI
   Anime Milwaukee 2018 - February 16-18 in Milwaukee, WI
11 guest appearances

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