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Cosplay Zone Productions Inc., is a theatrical based acting troupe that is comprised of multitudes of people. All with the passion for entertaining others. They bring to life many fun and well loved animes (japanese cartoons) and manga's to the stage. Within the troupe you will find many different areas of interest for their cast to become involved in. Members of this group learn everything from acting, voice acting, stage management, writing, directing, choreographing, sewing, building sets and working all kinds of audio and video equipment; from stage lights and truss systems to high end recording programs that most professionals use, like; ProTools, Sonar, Vegas, Final Cut, and all of Adobe's softwear.

This diverse group of people also offer some pretty fun events when they aren't busy on stage. The group enjoys hosting events like cosplay dodgeball and a variety of interactive entertainment, like; cosplay cafe, teas and even character auctions. Interactive events like these are often highly enjoyed by everyone and it's a real treat to hang with your favorite anime, manga, jpop or video game character! The group still doesn't end there, besides also sponsoring and running many of the A/V events during conventions (such as sound, video and lighting equipment for dances, masquerades or other panels) they host and run a few panels and workshops from time to time and happily answer any and all questions they can regarding whatever it is you my want to know!



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Anime Kaigi 2012 - November 10-12 in Flagstaff, AZ

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