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Aaron Pabon

Miami, FL USA

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Aaron is a rare breed of stand up comedians.

Not only is he a comedian, writer, but he is, above all else, a geek.

Born in New York, and raised in Miami, FL, instead of tackling other kids in a game of football, he was blasting through levels as a blue fur-ball with red shoes, watching mecha get blasted apart, read about Krypton being blasted in a catastrophic event, and get blasted at conventions. Studying drama in High School and College, he excelled in comedy and improvisational acting. After High School, he began his stand up career on the amateur stand up circuit doing small time gigs at local comedy clubs and colleges.

While volunteering at a convention, he was asked to perform comedy at the last minute to kill time, but the crowd wanted him to stay on stage. Making fun of the geek pop-culture, and his personal experiences at various conventions, he easily related to the audience, and other conventions and colleges began to flood his inbox for him to perform stand up at their shows.

Aaron currently does two types of shows for cons. An all-ages show for everyone to enjoy, and an 18+ show. He also does panels on a variety of topics and interests. It's up to convention heads to choose what they want.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Yasumicon 2007 - August 11-12 in Miami, FL
   Anime School House Rock 2008 - February 9 in Davie, FL
   FITcon 2008 - March 14-16 in Melbourne, FL
   Naruto Trek Convention 2008 - March 28-30 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
   Yasumicon 2008 - August 1-3 in Miami, FL
   Chibi-Pa 2008 - September 27-28 in West Palm Beach, FL
   Anime Supercon 2008 - October 31 - November 2 in Miami, FL
   Mizu Con 2008 - December 27-29 in Miami, FL
   MegaCon 2009 - February 27 - March 1 in Orlando, FL
   Anime Express 2009 - March 13-15 in Daytona Beach, FL
   Naruto Trek Convention 2009 - March 27-29 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
   Kami-Con 2009 - April 25-26 in Tuscaloosa, AL
   Anime School House Rock 2009 - May 2 in Davie, FL
   Yasumicon 2009 - July 11-12 in Miami, FL
   Infinite Bits 2009 - October 23-25 in Miami, FL
   Kami-Con 2010 - April 24-25 in Tuscaloosa, AL
   HamaCon 2010 - June 4-6 in Huntsville, AL
   Metrocon 2010 - July 23-25 in Tampa, FL
   Kami-Con 2011 - February 19-20 in Tuscaloosa, AL
   Chibi-Pa 2011 - November 4-6 in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
   Kami-Con 2012 - February 3-5 in Tuscaloosa, AL
   Miami Hurricon 2012 - April 7 in Coral Gables, FL
   Florida Supercon 2012 - June 29 - July 2 in Miami, FL
   WasabiCon 2012 - October 27 in Jacksonville, FL
   Chibi-Pa 2012 - November 16-18 in Deerfield Beach, FL
   Animate! Miami 2013 - January 18-20 in Miami, FL
   Kami-Con 2013 - February 15-17 in Birmingham, AL
   TexanCon 2013 - March 1-3 in Stephenville, TX
   Knightrokon 2013 - June 1-2 in Orlando, FL
   Kami-Con 2014 - February 14-16 in Birmingham, AL
   TexanCon 2014 - February 14-16 in Stephenville, TX
   LameCon 2014 - August 2-3 in Land O Lakes, FL
   Chibi-Pa 2014 - November 21-23 in Dania, FL
33 guest appearances

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