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Bill Fawcett

Author / Publisher
Mayfair Games / Bill Fawcett & Associates
Chicago, IL USA
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William Fawcett's varied career includes college professor and dean, teacher, corporate executive, writer, editor, anthologist, and game designer.

Bill's writing includes over one dozen books of both fiction and non-fiction. He is also a master "packager" of books, preparing book series from concept stage to completion for major publishers.

He co-created the classic military SF series "The Fleet" with David Drake.

As a founder of Mayfair Games, he won several of that industry's highest honors, the Charles Roberts Award. Perhaps the best-known of his game designs is Empire Builder. He has also worked on RPG modules and supplements and computer strategy and role-playing games.

Bill has edited several history anthologies, such as How To Lose A Battle: a modern look at how bad generals lose battles, How To Lose a War, It Looked Good on Paper, Engineering disasters through history, and Oval Office Oddities.

He lives in Chicago with his wife, Jody Lynn Nye.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   A-Kon 2008 - May 30 - June 1 in Dallas, TX
   Dragon*Con 2008 - August 29 - September 1 in Atlanta, GA
   A-Kon 2009 - May 29-31 in Dallas, TX
   I-Con 2010 - March 26-28 in Stony Brook, NY
   Dragon*Con 2010 - September 3-6 in Atlanta, GA
   Dragon*Con 2011 - September 2-5 in Atlanta, GA
   Dragon*Con 2012 - August 31 - September 3 in Atlanta, GA
   Dragon Con 2013 - August 30 - September 2 in Atlanta, GA
   LI-Con 2014 - March 29-30 in Rockville Centre, NY
   Dragon Con 2015 - September 4-7 in Atlanta, GA
   A-Kon 2016 - June 3-5 in Dallas, TX
   Dragon Con 2016 - September 2-5 in Atlanta, GA
   New York Comic Con 2016 - October 6-9 in New York, NY
   Windycon 2016 - November 11-13 in Lombard, IL
   Dragon Con 2017 - September 1-4 in Atlanta, GA
   Ad Astra 2018 - July 13-15 in Richmond Hill, ON
   Dragon Con 2018 - August 30 - September 3 in Atlanta, GA
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