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Erica Schroeder (A.K.A. Bella Hudson) has provided the the voice for over 100 voices in Television, Film, Video Games and Straight to DVD Animated Mini-Series over the last 11 years. She has voiced 8 characters in the YU-GI-OH franchise including: Mai Valentine (season 4 on), Akiza Izinski, Dark Magician Girl, The Duel Runner Computer, Rally Dawson and currently, Cathy Catherine on the new ZEXAL. Over the years she has voiced over 20 characters and various Pokemon on POKEMON including: Nurse Joy (season 6-8), Ash's Pidove, Fantina and currently, Bianca on POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE and Grace (Serena's mom) on POKEMON XY. Other notable roles include: Lyserg in SHAMAN KING, Emma Frost in Joss Whedon's Stop Motion Comic, ASTONISHING X-MEN, Brigette Verdant on MEW MEW POWER, Luffy on ONE PIECE, Olgariki on GO GO RIKI, Rai and Komorka on TAI CHI CHASERS, Blaze and Wave from the SONIC video games, Shiho from AH! MY GODDESS, from the makers of THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE, The Spirit of the Mountain in THE BOY WHO WANTED TO BE A BEAR, and The Witch in the Cannes Film Festival's LITTLE LONG NOSE. As a Theater and Musical Theater Actress, Erica has also appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway and regionally and sings on a few original cast recordings.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Gen Con So Cal 2005 - November 18-20 in Anaheim, CA
   BAMCon 2013 - May 10-12 in Pittsfield, MA
   SukoshiCon: Pokécon 2013 - July 19-21 in Louisville, KY
   Animeland Wasabi 2014 - February 28 - March 2 in Denver, CO
   Triad Anime Convention 2014 - March 14-16 in Winston-Salem, NC
   Animation Celebration 2014 - March 28-30 in Lewisville, TX
   Colossalcon 2014 - June 5-8 in Sandusky, OH
   Alamo City Comic Con 2014 - September 26-28 in San Antonio, TX
   Fubuki Con 2015 - March 14-15 in Amherst, NY
   Pocono Comic Expo 2015 - April 18 in East Stroudsburg, PA
   ChaseCon Expo 2015 - April 25 in Saratoga Springs, NY
   Garden State Comic Fest 2015 - July 25-26 in Morristown, NJ
   Avalon Expo 2015 - August 29-30 in St. John's, NL
   Ikkicon 2017 - December 30, 2016 - January 1, 2017 in Austin, TX
   Triad Anime Convention 2017 - March 3-5 in Greensboro, NC
   Colossalcon 2017 - June 1-4 in Sandusky, OH
   Colossalcon East 2017 - September 8-10 in Pocono Manor, PA
   Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia 2018 - May 17-20 in Philadelphia, PA
18 guest appearances

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