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Luke Morgan

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Rochester, NY USA

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Luke "McMasters" Morgan, manager of Hammergirl Anime, is also the creator of Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN (a popular anime parody web based online game), the head of Heart Of The Cards (the US licensee of the Japanese collectible card games WeiB Schwarz and Cardfight!! Vanguard), and the author of one and-a-half online comics ("Dub This!" and "Stand Tall"). He specializes in helping people and stores learn how to spot (and avoid) bootleg merchandise, and plays way too much mahjong in his spare time. Currently, he is learning how to take a selfie.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Tora-Con 2005 - April 16 in Rochester, NY
   UBCon 2010 - April 9-11 in Buffalo, NY
   PortConMaine 2010 - June 24-27 in South Portland, ME
   PortConMaine 2011 - June 23-26 in South Portland, ME
   PortConMaine 2012 - June 21-24 in South Portland, ME
   PortConMaine 2013 - June 20-23 in South Portland, ME
   PortConMaine 2014 - June 19-22 in South Portland, ME

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