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Ken Pontac

Director / Writer / Producer
California, USA

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In the past year Ken Pontac has written scripts and dialog for the Marvel Universe MMO, an upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog game, a new animated series featuring the ghost gobbling Pac-Man, Disney's animated action/adventure series Slug Terra, the charming pre-school show Octonauts, and the less-than-charming Internet sensation Happy Tree Friends (a show so violent that it's BANNED IN RUSSIA). He is also still receiving royalty checks for writing the LazyTown song "You Are A Pirate," which has become an Internet meme, enjoying millions of hits on YouTube and inspiring multiple mash-ups and drunken karaoke videos. Pontac lives in Sausalito with a beautiful redheaded nurse and his two crazy canines, Whistle the Wonder Dog and Little Mickey Blue Eyes.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Anime Overdose 2005 - March 4-6 in San Francisco, CA
   AOD: San Francisco Animation Convention 2006 - August 4-6 in San Francisco, CA
   Animation On Display 2007 - August 25 in San Francisco, CA
   Animation On Display 2008 - February 16-17 in San Francisco, CA
   Animation On Display 2009 - February 14-15 in San Francisco, CA
   Animation On Display 2010 - January 30-31 in San Francisco, CA
   Animation On Display 2011 - February 19-20 in San Francisco, CA
   Animation On Display 2012 - February 18-19 in San Francisco, CA
   Animation On Display 2013 - February 16-17 in San Francisco, CA
   Youmacon 2013 - October 31 - November 3 in Detroit, MI
   AOD 2014 - January 25-26 in Burlingame, CA
   Youmacon 2014 - October 30 - November 2 in Detroit, MI
   AOD 2015 - January 31 - February 1 in Burlingame, CA
   Youmacon 2015 - October 29 - November 1 in Detroit, MI
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