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Lexington Comic & Toy Convention [visit site]

Comic Convention with Toys

March 9-11, 2018
Lexington Convention Center

With attendance of over 25K in 2017, LCTC is becoming the midwest's most awesome weekend of geekery!
Comics - Toys - Magazines - Gaming - Horror - Anime - Movies - Art - Music - and More!!

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Neal Adams (Comic Artist)
Ani-Mia (Cosplayer)
Karan Ashley (Actress)
John Barrowman (Actor)
Greg Capullo (Illustrator)
Colleen Clinkenbeard (Voice Actress / Director / Line Producer)
Jonathan Frakes (Actor)
Jason David Frank (Actor)
Michael Golden (Comic Artist)
Josh Grelle (Voice Actor)
Garrick Hagon (Actor)
Amy Jo Johnson (Actress)
Doug Jones (Actor)
Walter E. Jones (Actor)
Tom Kane (Voice Actor)
Riki "Riddle" LeCotey (Cosplayer)
Jae Lee (Comic Artist)
Monika Lee (Cosplayer)
Angus MacInnes (Actor)
Ian McDiarmid (Actor)
Mike McFarland (Voice Actor / Director / Line Producer)
Matthew Mercer (Voice Actor)
Jason Narvy (Writer / Actor)
James O'Barr (Writer / Artist)
Adrian Paul (Actor)
Tim Rose (Actor)
Chris Sabat (Voice Actor)
Paul Schrier (Actor)
Kevin Sorbo (Actor)
Tara Strong (Voice Actress)
Catherine Sutherland (Actress)
Eric Vale (Voice Actor)
Billy Dee Williams (Actor)
Renee Witterstaetter (Editor / Colorist)
34 guests listed

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Lexington Comic & Toy Convention

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