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Gaming Convention with Video Games

June 20-25, 2018
Carnival Conquest

"GaCuCon" [Gah.Coo.Con] An annual game industry event in South Florida followed by a multi-day game industry convention aboard a cruise ship, you read that right, a game convention on a cruise ship! Including the best LAN gaming, virtual reality, Indie game exhibitions, card games, board games, game industry panels by renowned guests, networking opportunities in the game industry and more. Enjoy relaxing on a cruise, fun in the sun, adventurous excursions and when you get that gamer itch you can find solace in a casual board game throughout the night with friends, dominate in a mini LAN competitions or just meet some of the game industry's best at informative discussion panels ranging from esports to game development. Ditch the overcrowded convention centers and experience something extraordinary with GaCuCon Game Cruise.

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