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Furry Convention

July 10-13, 2017
Hundslund, Denmark

For the 7'th year of Furtastic, we want to invite you back in time. To old England, where animals of all kind are under the harsh rule of Prince John, with his taxes and terrible sherif of Nottingham by his side! As you might have guessed, the theme for this year is Disneys good ol' 'Robin Hood' that most, if not all, of us grew up with and loved as children.

Furtastic this year, will have you invade Prince Johns royal throne room, and pickpocket everything you can, while he's there! You'll get to party with Robin Hood and his merry men in the forest, and a lot more things will happen when we pop open Ottie's adventure this year. Whole roast piggie will obviously be on the menu again, and Sharktor Brewing will be there to hand out his own home brew, to make the experience complete! So come dance into the night, and become part of the merry men, who fight for what is right in the lands of Nottingham!

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