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Furry Convention

February 3-6, 2017
MiCamp Taupo
Tauranga Taupo, New Zealand

FurCoNZ is the annual gathering for the New Zealand Furry community, typically held in summer every year. Unlike most foreign Furry Conventions, FurCoNZ is not hosted in a hotel. Instead it is run as a camp, much like Camp Feral! or Oklacon. This keeps FurCoNZ simple and more informal, while retaining the link to the New Zealand outdoors.

While FurCoNZ is for the Furry community, we are most welcoming of members from other communities, such as Bronies/Pegasisters, Otherkin, or any one else who may just be curious.

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Previous/Future Events:
FurCoNZ 2016  February 5-8, 2016
FurCoNZ 2017  February 3-6, 2017
FurCoNZ 2018  February 2-5, 2018

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