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Furry Convention

November 9-12, 2017
Renaissance Seattle Hotel

Anthro Northwest was founded with the goal of creating a convention to promote and develop the best attributes of the Anthropomorphic Arts Community through a yearly convention to be held in Downtown Seattle. We place special emphasis on education, hospitality and building community. Anthro Northwest is the first convention of its kind to offer a fully family friendly experience.

The anthropomorphic art community has so much to offer. Whether it is the fans, content creators, community or amazing art, there really is nothing like it anywhere else. The convention is here to support and develop the whole anthropomorphic ecosystem. From paintings to performance, music, literature, video and everything in between, anthropomorphic art is everywhere. At Anthro Northwest people of incredible diversity and background all come together and share a very special weekend together.

The Anthro Northwest convention is put on by a tireless group of volunteers, panelists and vendors. They all work hard to create the convention experience. Anthro Northwest is an independent anthropomorphic art organization built from the ground up. We strive to work in cooperation and harmony with the many similar conventions and events in the community.

It is our hope that at Anthro Northwest, that there will be a little bit of you in the convention, and a little bit of the convention inside of each one of you.

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