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Phoenix Comicon [visit site]

Comic Convention with SciFi and TV

May 25-28, 2017
Phoenix Convention Center

Organized by Square Egg Entertainment

Phoenix Comicon is a convention & expo that celebrates Fandom and pop culture. This year's features include pop culture actors, top comic book writers & artists, programming, exhibitors, costuming, and more. Prepare to Celebrate your Fandom!

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Advance Rates:
$55 + fees through Jan 31, 2017

David Anders (Actor)
Jon Bernthal (Actor)
Mark Brooks (Comic Artist)
Jenna Coleman (Actress) cancelled
Kevin Conroy (Voice Actor)
Arthur Darvill (Actor) cancelled
Peter David (Writer)
John de Lancie (Actor)
Kara Eberle (Voice Actress)
Jason David Frank (Actor)
Karen Gillan (Actress)
Todd Haberkorn (Voice Actor)
Anthony Michael Hall (Actor)
Geof Isherwood (Comic Artist)
Jae Lee (Comic Artist)
Neal McDonough (Actor)
Robert Duncan McNeill (Actor)
Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
Mark Morales (Comic Artist)
Whilce Portacio (Co-Founder, Image Comics)
Brian Pulido (Writer / Producer / Director)
Michael Rosenbaum (Actor)
Chris Sabat (Voice Actor)
Sean Schemmel (Voice Actor)
Arthur Suydam (Comic Artist / Table Hoarder)
Billy Tucci (Comic Artist / Writer, Crusade Fine Arts, Ltd.)
Alan Tudyk (Actor)
Garrett Wang (Actor)
Ming-Na Wen (Actress) cancelled
Renee Witterstaetter (Editor / Colorist)
Bonnie Wright (Actress)
Timothy Zahn (Author)
32 guests listed

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Phoenix Comicon

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